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2 plus 2

by matthew
(los angeles,ca)

why do I need math???

why learn math?

why is so much time spent in school on math?

the need for simple arithmetic is obvious, but why do I need more than that?

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Sep 10, 2010
Why do I need math?
by: Staff

The question:

by Matthew
(Los Angeles, Ca)

why do I need math???

The answer:

Where do I begin?

Math is a practical life skill.

People use math every day to help with all kinds of situations. This is true of all cultures.
Not knowing much about math can hurt you. Knowledge of math can help you.

Math allows you to make intelligent decisions.

For example, math is used in cooking. Recipes use math, and measuring spoons cannot be used without knowledge of math.

Math is used in painting. How much paint will you need to paint your house? How many square feet do you need to paint? How many square feet can be covered by one can of paint?

Math is used in banking. How do you compare the interest rates two banks will charge for the same loan? What if both banks quote the same rate, say 8% interest. How can you tell which bank is charging the lower rate when they both tell you the same thing? (When compounding is taken into account, one bank may be charging 8.2%, and the other bank may be charging 8.7% on an annual basis. But, you would not be aware of this without a knowledge of math.)

Suppose you work 40 hours and earn $10 per hour. When your check arrives, you receive only $362.89. Are you being cheated, or is the difference due to taxes? You need a knowledge of math to answer this question.
I could go on and one, but I’m sure you see how a knowledge of math is important in everyday situations.

Now we come to jobs. What jobs require a knowledge of Math? Yes, I said “require”. You must have a knowledge of math to be hired for many types of jobs. This is not an option.

Cooks, carpenters, nurses, rocket scientists, and technicians of all kinds use math in their jobs on a daily basis.

Here are two excellent websites which will give you an idea of how math is used in many types of jobs:



I realize that if you don’t see a reason to study math, it is hard to justify the effort. I hope I have piqued your curiosity sufficiently and you will follow up with the websites I have listed.

Thanks for writing.


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