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5th Grade Math

Area of cube face

The formula for the area of a square is:

Area = (side) * (side)

the length of each edge of a cube is 6 inches. What is the area of the base?

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Mar 22, 2013
Area Calculation
by: Staff


Part I

All the edges of a cube are the same length.

In this case all the edges of the cube are 6 inches long.

A cube has six faces. Each face is a square. Three faces are shown in the diagram below. The other three faces are not visible.

Cube:  geometric shape.  Each edge is 6 inches long.

Each of the three faces shown has exactly the same measurements.

Top of cube.

Cube:  geometric shape.  Top

Right side of cube.

Cube:  geometric shape.  Right Face


Mar 22, 2013
Area Calculation
by: Staff


Part II

Left side of cube

Cube:  geometric shape.  Left Face

The area of each face (including the base) of a cube is exactly the same.

Area of the base

Cube:  geometric shape.  Area of base.

To view all 6 faces at the same time, unfold the cube so that it becomes a flat geometric object.

This is called a cube net.

Cube Net

If you have other geometric shapes you would like to unfold, here is an automatic program which will do it for you:

Unfold Geometric Shape

To the software unfold a cube, click "Select Model", Category "Polytope" and Model "Cube.jvx". Then click "Unfold".

Thanks for writing.


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