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A Math story for 6 Multipied by 4

by John

whats a math story for 6 Times 4(6x4).

This story should be a fantasy story about the number six, the number four, and a magic multiplication sign.

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Aug 22, 2011
A Math story for 6 Multiplied by 4
by: Staff

The question:

by John

what's a math story for 6 Times 4(6x4).

The answer:

As an example:

The numbers 6 and 4 were friends.

Together, they were trying to enter the number kingdom.

But they were refused. The guard at the draw bridge said they must be a 24 before he would let them enter. He also told them there was a magic symbol who could make them a 24.

And so, their search for the magic symbol began . . .

After wandering many days, they came upon a magic symbol: a plus sign.

But the plus sign said he could only turn them into a 10, not 24.

Their search continued . . . until, they found another magic symbol sitting under a tree: a minus sign.

But the minus sign said he could only turn them into a +2, or even worse, a -2.

They were not having very good luck, but the two friends wanted enter the number kingdom . . . and so, they kept searching for the magic symbol they needed to become a 24.

Late one morning, by a quiet stream, they saw something with a very unusual shape. It wasn't a number, and it wasn't shaped like the plus sign or the minus sign. It was a magic division sign.

They were sure this magic symbol could turn them into a 24 so they happily explained how the division sign could help them. But, as it turned out, the magic division symbol was even worse than the minus sign.

The division sign said he would be happy to divide the two friends, but he could only turn them into a 1.5 or a 2/3. Not only could the division sign not turn them into the number 24, the 2/3 was a NON-TERMINATING DECIMAL. They wanted no part of a non-terminating decimal, and ran away from the division sign.

But just as they thought things couldn't get any worse, things got worse.

Blocking the narrow path they were following was another magic symbol, far more threatening than any of the others. They knew it was bad because it was shaped like an "x". They had already been warned by other numbers to stay away from the unknown "x".

They couldn't turn around because that menacing division symbol was behind them. They couldn't go forward because the new symbol was blocking their way.

It was then that the new symbol walked right up to them and said "I have been looking for you. You are the 6 and the 4 who want to enter the number kingdom. I'm here to turn you into a 24."

They knew he was lying.

But, . . . before they could think about it, the strange new magic symbol multiplied them and turned them into the number 24.

Now they could enter the number kingdom.

Thanks for writing.


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