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Age Problem - Math 126

by Evone

This Discussion will help us learn to develop our own mathematical models, write down the equations and then solve the equations for unknown values. Refer back to Week One and use the names and ages of yourself and the other two people you selected in this week’s discussion. How many years older was the person older than you when you were born? Write an equation that models how old in years each of you will be, when your ages add up to 150 years old. For example, if the eldest person was one year older than you, then the equation would be: x + (x+1) = 150. In this case your age is "x" and the older person's age is "(x+1)." Explain the reasoning which helped you develop your equation. Solve for your future ages. Are your answers reasonable, do they add up to 150? In years, how old were you when the youngest person was born? Write an equation which models how old, in years, you will be when you are 3 times as old as the younger person. Explain the reasoning which helped you develop your equation. Solve for your ages, when you are 3 times as old. Are your answers reasonable?

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Apr 10, 2012
Age Problem - Math 126
by: Staff

You forgot to give me the ages to be used in the calculations.

Open the following link to see an example of how to solve this problem.

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Thanks for writing.


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