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Algebra - a/b divided by c/d

Show how to divide one fraction by a second fraction:

a/b divided by c/d

Explain your reasoning.

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Oct 09, 2010
Dividing Fractions
by: Staff

The question:

a/b divided by c/d

The answer:

a/b divided by c/d

= (a/b)/(c/d)

= (a/b) * (d/c)

= (a*d)/(b*c)

= ad/bc

If you would like an explanation, it is this:

Any number multiplied by 1 is still the original number. Multiplying by 1 does not change its value.

A number divided by itself is = 1

1 = the fraction (d/c)/(d/c)

Your original question is:


Multiply your original fraction by the fraction (d/c)/(d/c). Note that (d/c)/(d/c) = 1.

[(a/b)/(c/d)] * [(d/c)/(d/c)]

= [(a/b)*(d/c)] / [(c/d)*(d/c)]

The fractions in the denominator cancel one another [(c/d)*(d/c) = 1]

= [(a/b)*(d/c)] / 1

= (a/b)*(d/c)

= (a*d)/(b*c)

= ad/bc

Thanks for writing.


Nov 01, 2018
solve NEW
by: Anonymous

a/b divded by c/d=3/4

Jan 19, 2020
math solution NEW
by: Anonymous

It worked!!! Thank you

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