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Algebra - Cost Equation

by Maria Sanchez
(Seattle, WA)

Equation which models cost

The total cost for 8 bracelets, including shipping was $54.

The shipping charge was $6.

Write an equation that models the cost of each bracelet.

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Feb 09, 2013
Cost Equation
by: Staff


If the bracelets are shipped separately, than the shipping cost will be $6 for each bracelet.

I assume all 8 bracelets were shipped together, as one package. If this is so, the total for the entire package is $6.

On this basis, the equation which represents the cost is:

x = the individual cost of each bracelet

8x + 6 = 54

You can solve for the cost of each bracelet as follows:

Solve for x

Thanks for writing.


Mar 09, 2021
math NEW
by: Anonymous

nice page

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