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by bobo

what is quantity and product?

Define Both terms.

Give at least one example of each.

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Sep 16, 2010
Definition of Terms
by: Staff

The question:

by Bobo

What is quantity and product?

The answer:

Product: multiplication

For example, the product of 2 and 3 is: 2 * 3 = 6

Quantity: amount, magnitude, value, or number of, the object of a mathematical operation (the 2 and 3 in the preceding example)

For example, the VALUE of the function F(x) = x + 1, where x = 5 is: F(5) = x + 1, F(5) = 5 + 1 = 6

The MAGNITUDE of the force needed to lift a rocket into space can be measured in pounds or newtons.

The NUMBER OF tires on a typical passenger car = 4.

The AMOUNT of sand which can be carried in a dump truck is measured in cubic yards.

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