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Arithmetic Sequence - Parking Garage

Hourly parking charges in a local garage form an arithmetic sequence.

It costs $3.75 to park for 4 hours and $5.25 to park for 6 hours.

How much does it cost to park for 1 hour?

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Apr 03, 2013
by: Staff


Part I

You can calculate the nth term of an arithmetic sequence using the following formula:

Arithmetic Sequence -Formula for the nth term in a sequence

an = a with a subscript of n (this is the nth term in the series)

a₁ = a with a subscript of 1 (this is the 1st term in the series)

n = number of terms

d = difference between consecutive terms (the common difference)

Calculate the common difference for each hour.

a6 = 6 hour term (last term) = $5.25

a4 = 4 hour term = $3.75

Arithmetic Sequence - Calculate the Common Difference

d = difference between consecutive 1 hour terms (the common difference) = $.75

The number of terms in the sequence = 6 (one term for each hour).

Calculate a1, the 1 hour term (the first term in the sequence):

Arithmetic Sequence - Calculate the First Term


Apr 03, 2013
by: Staff


Part II

Final Answer:

Arithmetic Sequence - Cost to Park One Hour


Check the answer

You can calculate the last term (the cost of parking for 6 hours) using the formula. If the values of a₁, n, and d are correct, then the formula should calculate the last term to be $5.25.

a₁ = $1.50

n = 6

d = $.75

Arithmetic Sequence - Verify Answer

a6 = $5.25 is correct (this is the 6 hour term given in the problem statement)

Thanks for writing.


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