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Concentric squares

by Tony
(Fayetteville, Arkansas)

Automatically calculate concentric squares

Given a square where ux1,uy1 = the upper left hand corner, and lx1,ly1 = the lower left corner, and given a second square which lies with in the first square, where ux2,uy2 = the upper left corner of the second square and lx2,ly2 = the lower left corner of the second square, how can a calculate the concentric squares where steps = the amount of concentric squares you want. See attached photo. I have tried the slope formula and the distance formula but can not figure out how to do it. The resulting answer would tell me how much to increase the ux1,uy1 and decrease lx1,ly1 to draw the next concentric square until you reach ux2,uy2 and lx2,ly2. Thank you very much.

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Dec 06, 2019
different centers NEW
by: Anonymous

the 2 squares have different centers.
you have a range : side_2 . . . side_1
that you have to divide

if you want n-1 intermediate squares :
you have to choose a suite
arithmetic for example u_0 . . . u_n
with u_0 inside square
and u_n global square
(or geometric, . . . )

interpolation for the sides
u_0 = side_2
u_n = side_1
r = (u_n - u_0) / n
u_k = u_0 + k r
same interpolation for the centers (cx, cy)

perhaps we can interpolate directly the corners,
but I do not know if this will give squares.

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