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how many meters are in an inch

by christopher revord
(virginia mn usa)

48 inches in height express the height in meters.whats the formula

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Sep 15, 2010
Linear Unit Conversions
by: Staff

The question:

by Christopher Revord
(Virginia MN USA)

48 inches in height

Express the height in meters.

What’s the formula?

The answer:

There are 39.37007874015748031496062992126 inches per meter.

OK, I got a little carried away, 39.37 inches per meter is good enough.

Convert 48 inches to meters

Just divide 48 inches by 39.37 inches/meter

48/39.37 = 1.22 meters

The final answer is: There are 1.22 meters in 48 inches.

The formula is a ratio:

1 meter to every 39.37 inches

1 meter : 39.37 inches

Now write an equation for the relationship of meters to inches as a proportion

1 is to 39.37 as meter is to inches

1/39.37 = (X meters)/(Y inches)

Note: X is an unknown number of meters; Y is an unknown number of inches.

Solve for X (the unknown number of meters). Multiply each side of the equation by Y.

(1/39.37) * Y = (X/Y) * Y

(Y/39.37) = X

The final formula is: The number of meters is equal to the number of inches divided by 39.37

X = Y/39.37

Thanks for writing.


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