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Infinity Symbol
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Shown and Explained

Math - Symbol for Infinity (Undefined)

Infinity Symbol . . . ∞

Background - why the Infinity symbol is used . . .

Symbols are used as a concise way of giving lengthy instructions

related to numbers and logic.

Math Symbols are a communication tool. Symbols are an invention which is used to eliminate the need to write long, plain language instructions to describe calculations and other processes.

The most valuable, most frequently used Symbols in
mathematics . . .

The most important, most frequently used Miscellaneous symbols are listed below.

Math - Symbol for Infinity (Undefined) Symbol for "Infinity (Undefined)" -

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This symbol stands for a number which is so large it cannot be measured.

Often people encounter the number infinity when they try to divide any number by zero on a calculator. Dividing any (non-zero) number by zero is always equal to infinity. A calculator cannot process such a large number. Instead it locks up and displays an error message such as "Undefined" or "Error".