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Inpatient census calculation

I think I have this but want to make sure...

Here is the problem:

At 11:59 p.m. on January 1, the Community Hospital census was 321.

On January 2, 73 patients were admitted, 24 were discharged, and 3 were admitted and died that day.

In their ICU unit the census on January 1 was 12.

On January 2, 4 patients were admitted, 3 were discharged, and 1 was admitted later that day dies in the ICU.

Answer the following:

a. Calculate the inpatient census for January 2 (I believe it is 321)

b. Calculate the hospital daily inpatient census for January 2 (I think it is 367).

c. Calculate the ICU inpatient service days for January 2 (I don't believe I am understanding this question but I think it would be 2).

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Jun 22, 2013
Census Calculation
by: Staff


I have found a good answer to your question in our archives.

Click the following link to VIEW the solution.

Patient Census Data - Community Hospital

Thanks for writing.


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