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Linear and Matrix Equation

A supermarket is selling three different fruits, i.e. apple, orange and pear. The price of an apple is RM x, the price of an orange is twice of an apple, and the price of a pear is RM y. Two different stalls, stall A and stall B get their supplies from this supermarket. Stall A bought 350 apples, 200 oranges and 300 pears and pays RM 680. Stall B bought 400 apples, 150 oranges and 250 pears and pays RM 530.
i) Based on the above information, form a system of linear equations.
ii) Write the above linear equations in the form of a matrix equation.

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Sep 09, 2012
Linear and Matrix Equation
by: Staff

I have found a good answer to your question in our archives.

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Linear Equations - Written as Matrix

Thanks for writing.


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