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Simplify the following expression


The base number of 3.87 in both the numerator and the denominator is the same.

The makes simplification of the expression straightforward.

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Aug 11, 2011
Simplify Expression
by: Staff

The question:


The answer:


The notation is a bit unclear, but I think this is what you mean:


= [3.87^(3+20)]/[3.87^(3-20)]

Since the base for both the numerator and denominator is the same

= 3.87^[(3+20)-(3-20)]

= 3.87^[(3-3)+(20+20)]

= 3.87^(0+40)

= 3.87^40

= 3.22432344197172E+23

The final answer is: 3.87^40, or 3.22432344197172E+23

log(3.87^40) = 40*log(3.87) = 23.5084386007565

10^(23.5084386007565) = 3.22432344197172E+23

Thanks for writing.


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