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Math - Braces

The three types of brackets are most commonly used together are: Braces, Square Brackets, and Parentheses

{} are called Braces, or Curly Brackets

how are the braces { and } used?

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May 17, 2011
Math - Braces
by: Staff

The question:

how are the braces { and } used?

The answer:

{} Braces are also called Curly Brackets

They are commonly used as (1) grouping symbols in a mathematical expression, and (2) grouping symbols used to identify a set of elements.

(1) When used in a mathematical expression, the left "{" curly bracket, and right "}" curly bracket are used together.

They can be interchanged with parentheses or square brackets.

However, if there are three levels of grouping in a nested expression, parentheses () are generally used in the inner most groupings.

Square brackets [] are used in the next higher level grouping.

Braces {} are used in the most outer groupings.

These three types of brackets are commonly used together in a nested expression as follows: { [ ( ) ] }

An example of a nested mathematical expression is:

{[a(b + c) + d]/e}

(2) When braces {} are used to identify a set of elements, they are used to enclose all the elements of the set.

For example:

. . Set "A" consists of the following elements: a,b,c,d,e.

A = {a, b, c, d, e}

Thanks for writing.


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