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Math - Factoring an Expression

by Satyendra
(Noida )

If an exponent is a positive whole number, it tells you how many times to multiply the number, variable, or expression by itself.

If an exponent is a fraction or a decimal, it describes a radical.

Can we write (4x+5y)² to (4x+5y)*(4x+5y)?

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Aug 23, 2011
Factoring an Expression
by: Staff

The question:

by Satyendra

can we write (4x+5y)² to (4x+5y)*(4x+5y)

The answer:

Yes. You are entirely correct.

(4x+5y)² = (4x+5y)*(4x+5y)

(4x+5y)³ = (4x+5y)*(4x+5y)*(4x+5y)

(4x+5y)⁴ = (4x+5y)*(4x+5y)*(4x+5y)*(4x+5y)

(4x+5y)⁵ = (4x+5y)*(4x+5y)*(4x+5y)*(4x+5y)*(4x+5y)

Thanks for writing.


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