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Math Help - Parentheses

by Austin
(Greenfield, IN USA)

Parentheses are used to group parts of an expression together.

This makes it much easier to apply PEMDAS when evaluating an expression, or solving an equation.

Expressions containing single or nested parentheses should be evaluated as follows:

Evaluate the contents within each parentheses, from the inside parentheses out.

After evaluating each parentheses, evaluate the remainder of the expression.

27(24)=? solve for ?

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Aug 12, 2011
Evaluate Expression Containing Parentheses
by: Staff

The question:

by Austin
(Greenfield, IN USA)

27(24)=? solve for ?

The answer:

27(24)=? solve for ?

? = 27*(24)

? = 27*24

? = 648

The final answer is: 648

Explanatory note:

When evaluating any expression, the order of the calculations is important.

This is because mathematical expressions must be evaluated in a pre-established order to arrive at the correct answer.

Parentheses are used to show that what is inside the parentheses must be evaluated first, before anything else.

The expression you were given to evaluate is: 27(24)

The arithmetic inside the parentheses is complete, so there is nothing further for you to do: (24) = 24

However, if the expression had been something like 27(18+6), then you would need to add the 18+6 before proceeding:


= 27(24)

= 27*24

= 648

Thanks for writing.


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