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Math Projects

Refer to Mathematics in Our World.

“Projects”, page 331.

Solve equations (a) x^2 -2x - 13 = 0, and (c) x^2 + 12x - 64 = 0 for Project #1. Complete all 6 steps (a-f).

Select a minimum of 5 numbers for Project #2: 0 (zero), two even, and two odd.

Use the following numbers for this question: Zero, 6, 12, 15, 21

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Sep 29, 2011
Math Projects - Mathematics in Our World
by: Staff

The question:

Following completion of your weekly readings, complete the exercises in the “Projects” section on page 331 of Mathematics in Our World.

You should be concise in your reasoning. For Project #1, work only equations (a) and (c), but complete all 6 steps (a-f) as shown in the example. (a). x^2 -2x - 13 = 0 (c) x^2 + 12x - 64 = 0

For Project #2, please select at least five numbers; 0 (zero), two even, and two odd. Make sure you organize your paper into separate projects. The numbers I have chosen are Zero, 6, 12, 15, 21

The answer:

I have found a good answer to your question in our archives.

(1) If your browser is Firefox, click the following link to VIEW the solution; or if your browser is Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari (2A) highlight and copy the link, then (2B) paste the link into your browser Address bar & press enter:

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Thanks for writing.


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