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Math Properties
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Math & Algebraic Properties

Properties of Real Numbers -
Math Properties: Understanding the properties of real numbers is incredibly useful for each one of us.

Numbers impact our lives in thousands of ways on a daily basis.

But . . . although Numbers are used for thousands of different purposes, their underlying properties are the same for all situations.

(Numbers behave exactly the same way whether you are calculating the sales tax on your grocery receipt, measuring the length of a table, looking at a clock, or charting the stock market.)

This is quite an advantage.

We only need to learn one small set of principles.

In addition, the variables used in algebra behave the same way numbers behave - because variables represent numbers.

If you understand arithmetic thoroughly, you automatically understand the mechanics of algebra . . . without learning anything new.

The application of Algebra to solve math problems does require additional study, but the mechanics of Algebra (addition, multiplication, combining fractions, etc.) is exactly the same as the mechanics of arithmetic.

The Seven Fundamental Properties of Real Numbers - click description

math properties
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