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Math - Simplify Algebraic Expression

by Tumelo

if possible, simplify this expression using PEMDAS and combining like terms

4x - 5b - 2a + a3x

When simplified, the expression will be an expression which is equivalent to the original, but with a layout which is simpler.

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Jun 21, 2011
Simplify Algebraic Expression
by: Staff

The question:

by Tumelo


The answer:


This type of expression is simplified by combining like terms.

There are no like terms.

Since no two terms are alike (have the exactly the same variable), this expression cannot be simplified.

However, you can rearrange the expression:


= (4 + a3)x - 5b - 2a


= (3x - 2)a + 4x - 5b

Thanks for writing.


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