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- Math Symbols -
The Most Valuable and Important Grouping Symbols Used:

"Curly Brackets (Braces)"

Background - why math symbols are used. . .

Symbols are a concise way of giving lengthy instructions related to numbers and logic.

Math Symbols are an invention, not a discovery. They are a communication tool. Symbols are used to eliminate the need to write long, plain language instructions to describe calculations and other processes.

The most valuable, most frequently used Symbols in mathematics . . .

          The most important, most frequently used Grouping symbols 
          are listed below.  

Grouping Symbols (delimiters) - click symbol Math - all symbols To See All Symbols click here Math - Parentheses Symbols (also called Round Brackets) Math - Square Brackets (also called Box Brackets) Math - Curly Brackets (also called Braces) Math - Overbar Symbol (also called a Vinculum) Vertical Lines (Absolute Value Bars) Math - Angle Brackets Nested Groupings (nested Brackets)
Curly Bracket Symbols (also called Braces) Curly Bracket Symbols (also called Braces) -
Curly brackets are most commonly used as (1) grouping symbols in a mathematical expression, and (2) grouping symbols used to identify a set of elements.

When used in a mathematical expression, left "{" curly brackets, and right "}" curly brackets are used together. They can be interchanged with parenthesis or square brackets.

However, if there are three levels of grouping in a nested expression, generally parentheses are used in the inner most groupings.

Square brackets are used in the next higher level grouping, and braces are used in the most outer groupings (see "Nested expressions" for an example).

Examples using curly brackets
Using curly brackets in mathematical expressions . . . Click here to see the three examples demonstrating the use of parentheses. . . . Replace the parentheses with curly backets in the mathematical expressions illustrated. . . . The step-by-step procedure for evaluating expressions using curly brackets is exactly the same as the step-by-step procedure for evaluating expressions using parentheses.

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