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Math – Word Sentences

Using complete sentences, describe the student error in the following solution:

The product of 4 and a number is 12 more than 92. What is the number?

Incorrect solution:




The number is 20.

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Mar 10, 2011
Math - Word Sentences
by: Staff

The question:

Using complete sentences, describe the student error in the following solution:

The product of 4 and a number is 12 more than 92. What is the number?

Incorrect solution:




The number is 20.

The answer:

First, let’s solve the problem.

The product of 4 and a number is 12 more than 92. What is the number?

It will be easier to see what is has been asked if you rewrite the sentence as follows:

4 times a number is 12 more than 92. What is the number?

Substitute a multiplication sign (*) for “times”, substitute the variable n for “a number”, substitute an equal sign (=) for “is”, and substitute a plus sign (+) for “more than”.

4*n = 12 + 92

(this could also be written: 4*n = 92 + 12)

4n = 104

4n/4 = 104/4

n = 26

The number is 26

Using complete sentences, describe the student error.

The student made the following error when writing the equation.

The student placed the +12 on the left side of the equation instead of the right side. The +12 should be placed on the right side of the equation.

Thanks for writing.


Jul 14, 2015
math 4 me
by: Anonymous

if there are 124 seats on a bus 22 people are standing and 16 seats are empty how many people are on the bus?

Jul 15, 2015
math 4 me NEW
by: Staff

T = total seats = 124
N = number of people standing = 22
E = number of empty seats = 16
P = number of people on the bus = unkown

P = T – E + N

P = 124 – 16 + 22 = 130

There are 130 people on the bus

Aug 30, 2018
Solve equation NEW
by: Anonymous

A discrete random variable X takes the value of 0,1,2 with the probabilities of a,b,c respectively.Given that E(X)=4/3 and var(X)=5/9.Find the values of a,b and c

Aug 30, 2018
Solve equation NEW
by: Anonymous

A discrete random variable X takes the value of 0,1,2 with the probabilities of a,b,c respectively.Given that E(X)=4/3 and var(X)=5/9.Find the values of a,b and c

Aug 30, 2018
Solve equation NEW
by: Anonymous

A discrete random variable X takes the value of 0,1,2 with the probabilities of a,b,c respectively.Given that E(X)=4/3 and var(X)=5/9.Find the values of a,b and c

Nov 08, 2018
understanding word math NEW
by: Anonymous

A newborn weights 8 pounds 5 oz. There are 453.59 grams per pound. What is the infants weight in grams?

Mar 19, 2019
math NEW
by: Anonymous

If 35 people eat at a restaurant every hour, how many people will have eaten there in 20 hours' time?

Mar 24, 2019
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

Salary Comparison Lena is a sales supervisor. The salesclerk earns $6200 less annually than Lena does The sum of Lena's annual salary and the clerk's annu- $58,000. much does each earn? (a) Define the variable expressions. (b) Write an equation (c) Solve the equation and determine the values asked for. (d) Check

Apr 08, 2019
Help solve NEW
by: Anonymous

tamara's monthly taxable income was $3276.54 if she paid $757.24 in taxes, what percentage of her taxable income did she pay?

Apr 12, 2019
wmath NEW
by: Anonymous

Caden exercises daily by walking on a treadmill. He sets the machine so that he will walk at a steady rate of 3.6 miles per hour. Write and solve an equation to calculate the time it will take Caden to walk 2.7 miles.

Aug 23, 2019
hi NEW
by: rocky


Sep 08, 2019
!!help NEW
by: Anonymous

the sum of two consecutive integers is one less than three times the smaller integer. Find the two integers

Sep 19, 2019
Hhh is NEW
by: Anonymous

Justin's motorcycle is valued at $ 2, 350 and his car is valued at $ 12,315. How much more is his car worth than his motorcycle?

Oct 08, 2019
Butane NEW
by: You

You jump in a hot air ballon that is on top of a 50 foot building. You start to rise at 6 feet per second. How long will it take to reach 860 feet?

Oct 26, 2019
by: Anonymous

A piece of wire 70cm long, is bent to form a scalene 🔺triangle
Such that one leg of the triangle is two more than the shortest leg while the longest leg is twice the shortest leg. Find the lengths of sides of the 🔺triangle

Oct 31, 2019
Gang NEW
by: Anonymous

She buys a coat in a sale for 64.68. This was 23% off. Calculate the original price of the coat.

Dec 02, 2019
Bail for Mr. Anderson was set at $25,000. In order to be released, he must pay 8% of this in cash. How much must Mr. Anderson pay? NEW
by: Anonymous

Bail for Mr. Anderson was set at $25,000. In order to be released, he must pay 8% of this in cash. How much must Mr. Anderson pay?

Dec 11, 2019
Equations NEW
by: Anonymous

On Monday Joe bought 10 cups of coffee and 5 doughnuts for his office at the cost of $16.50. It turns out that the doughnuts were more popular than the coffee. On Tuesday he bought 5 cups of coffee and 10 doughnuts for total of $14.25. How much was each cup of coffee?

Dec 19, 2019
sdfgs NEW
by: Anonymous

there are 2 dog and 2 cats what is the anwsers

Jan 21, 2020
Math NEW
by: Anonymous

Give the rate in miles per hour. Round to the nearest tenth. Caroline walks 9 1/2 inches per seconed

Feb 06, 2020
Math NEW
by: Anonymous

Edward graphed the quadratic parent equation and the translated it right 2 units and down 8 units. What is the equation?

Feb 12, 2020
by: Anonymous

Three research departments have 7,10 9, and members, respectively. Each department is to select a delegate and an alternate to represent the department at a conference. In how many ways can this be done?

Feb 23, 2020
Overtime Rates NEW
by: Anonymous

Ibrahim earns $32.50 an hour as a driver
He works 38 hours a week at normal rime and 5 hours a week at double time. What is his weekly wage??

Feb 28, 2020
Algebra NEW
by: Anonymous

A car with a Diesel engine travels 663 miles using 13 gallons of fuel. Suppose that the relationship between the distance traveled and the amount of fuel used by this car is proportional.

Mar 20, 2020
Please help quick
by: Anonymous

. A business owner receives a $5,000 loan with 13% interest, charged at the end of each year. Write an expression to represent the amount owed, in dollars, after two years of making no payments *

Mar 25, 2020
deuhtfoirn NEW
by: Anonymous

jake's weight w is 1/4 of Ion's weight a. which expression could be used to find jakes weight?

Apr 13, 2020
by: Anonymous

You are starting your own small business in Albuquerque. You borrow$10,000 from the bank at a 9% rate for 5 years.Find the interest you will pay on this loan.

Apr 15, 2020
Interest formula NEW
by: Anonymous

To but a vehicle, Devin borrowed $15,000 for 4 years at an annual simple rate of 2.5%. How much interest will he pay if he pays the entire loan off at the end of the third year? What is the total amount repaid for the loan?

Apr 17, 2020
math NEW
by: Anonymous

how are properties of polyhedron such as symmetry and rigidity related to corresponding properties of polygons

Apr 18, 2020
Math NEW
by: Anonymous

A taxi driver charges $6.25 for the first 2 miles
and $1.45 for each additional mile driven when
transporting passengers from the airport. Which
equation can be used to find 𝑡, a passenger’s total cost, when the taxi is driven 𝑚 miles?

Apr 23, 2020
addmath NEW
by: Anonymous

Ramasamy wants to buy pens, pencils and notebooks for the new school term. He has RM102 to spend. The price of a pen is RM5, a pencil RM3, and a notebook RM9. Ramasamy intends to spend the same amount of money on pen and pencils. The total number of pens and pencils to be purchased must be equal to the number of notebooks to be purchased. how many of each item will be purchase? Write a systems of equations to solve this problem

Apr 24, 2020
Practice Powered by MathXL - Inv. 3 - Moving Straight Ahead NEW
by: Anonymous

Antonio's mother gives him​ $4 allowance plus 25cents for each chore he completes each week.
a. Write an equation that represents the amount of money Antonio receives in one week. Explain what the variables and numbers mean.
b. Use the equation to find the number of chores Antonio needs to complete to afford a new pencil case that costs​ $8.
c. Antonio has done 13 chores so far this week. How much money is he assured of receiving for the​ week?

May 07, 2020
Conditional probability NEW
by: Anonymous

An integer between 1 and 100 is generated randomly.
What is the probability that it is a square number given that it is divisible by 3?

May 08, 2020
factor and products NEW
by: Anonymous

Ramon was constructing a rectangular prism flower planter that had the dimensions
x - 2 by 3x - 1 by 10. What amount of dirt would be needed to fill the planter?
Write the volume in simplified expanded form. (remember V = l×w×h

May 11, 2020
Poop NEW
by: Anonymous

Mrs. Kay bought 4 bags of 2.83 kg flour and used 3.07 kg of it to make bread. Then she put the rest of the flour equally into 5 jars. How much flour is there in each jar?
1 point

May 12, 2020
math NEW
by: Anonymous

Today was Mr. Belanger’s turn to buy Coffee for the teachers. He bought 8 cups of coffee at Dunkin Donuts for $18. Mr. Brewer laughed at Mr. Belanger because yesterday, he bought 6 cups of coffee at Starbucks for $15. Mr. Brewer thinks Mr. Belanger paid too much for coffee. Which statement below best represents the situation above?

May 18, 2020
A function is y= NEW
by: Anonymous

A city receives 1 inches of snowfall every 4 hours. Write and graph a function that describes the relationship. How long does it take to receive 1 foot of snow? Use x for the independent variable and y for the dependent variable.

May 25, 2020
Math application NEW
by: Anonymous

If the ramp will be 3 feet above the ground and have a 4 foot base how long will the ramp Be

May 27, 2020
anything NEW
by: Anonymous

The ratio of the radii of two circles is 2 : 3. The circumference of the bigger circle is 22.5π units.

Fill in the blanks to give the ratio in lowest terms.

The ratio of the circumferences of the smaller circle to that of the larger circle is

The circumference of the smaller circle is kπ units. What is the value of k?

Jun 11, 2020
please can someone help i am stck and dont understand just tell me the anwser NEW
by: Anonymous

Mr Dell sells computers and gets a basic £250 per week plus 6% commission on all sales over £6000. Calculate his wage for a week in which he sells £9600 worth of computers,
Carlos works for a currency exchange agency in Tenerife. He gets a basic 1200 euros per month plus 1-5% commission on all exchanges over 7000 euros. Calculate his wage for a month in which he exchanges : a 6500 euros b 8600 euros < 20000 euros

Jun 21, 2020
Problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Tanya bought 2 punnets of strawberries and 1 punnet of blueberries. The strawberries were 5o cents more than the blueberries and the total cost was $10.

Jul 08, 2020
Budgeting NEW
by: Anonymous

Denny's tuition costs $700 per year, and room & board costs $12000 per year. Assume Denny also pays $400 for monthly expenses not included in tuition or room & board.

Denny's current job provides a net monthly income of $1000.

(a) What are Denny's total yearly expenses?

(b) How far off is Denny from being able to afford school?

Jul 22, 2020
i need help NEW
by: Anonymous

Three ballet dancers are positioned on stage. Rafi is straight behind Hugo and directly left of Janelle. If Hugo and Rafi are 5 metres apart, and Janelle and Hugo are 13 metres apart, what is the distance between Rafi and Janelle?

Aug 13, 2020
Tap water
by: Anonymous

The cold water tap when full-on can fill a bath in five minutes. The hot water tap when it is full-on can fill a bath in ten minutes. How long will it take to fill the bath when both taps are turned full-on?

Aug 27, 2020
logic puzzle NEW
by: Anonymous

There are 5 types of gems. There is 1 gem of the first type, 2 of the second type, 3 of the third type, 4 of the forth type, and 5 of the fifth type. From the information given below, can you tell how many gemstones there are of each kind?

There are 3 more emeralds than there are aquamarines. There is an even number of opals and an odd number of peridots. There are fewer agates than aquamarines.

A) _________ Agates

B) _________ Aquamarines

C) _________Emeralds

D) _________Opals

E) _________Peridots

Sep 17, 2020
math problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Melonie and Aimee save money for
summer camp. They both plan to save the same amount of money. Melonie has $35 and plans to save $15 each week. Aimee has $5 and plans to save $50 each week. Which of the following can be used to determine x, the number of weeks it will take Melonie and Aimee to save the same amount of money?

Sep 22, 2020
help me NEW
by: Anonymous

Goplay Yogurt has 21 grams of protein in every 6-ounce serving.
Pebble Pasture Yogurt has 25 grams of protein in every 10-ounce serving
Use the information from the two different yogurt brands to answer the question below. Be sure to justify your reasoning.
How many ounces of Pebble Pasture Yogurt will give you 20 grams of protein? Explain your reasoning.

Oct 01, 2020
sample problems using compound interest NEW
by: Anonymocus

Three years ago, Merry put her savings worth 15,000.00 in an account providing a compound interest rate of 3.5% annually . find the value of her savings today

Oct 09, 2020
arithmetic NEW
by: Anonymous

the last term of an arithmetic sequence which consists of n terms is 1 and the common difference is d. find the first two terms of the arithmetic sequence

Oct 12, 2020
by: Anonymous

The difference of the sum of squares of x and y multiplied by the square of the sum of x and y.

Oct 20, 2020
Geet salesman NEW
by: Anonymous

Sales Geet sells televisions.He earns a fixed amount for each television and a additional $20 if the buyer gets an extended warranty.If Geets sells 18 televisions with extended warranties,he earns $1,350.How much is the fixed amount Geet earns for each television?

Oct 20, 2020
idk the answer
by: Anonymous

The question:

find the width of the rectangular prism when the surface area is 208 square centimeters.

Oct 26, 2020
af NEW
by: Anonymous

bad app

Nov 04, 2020
im dumb help. NEW
by: Anonymous

The amount of money Rachelle earns for babysitting varies directly with the number of hours she works. This means that the amount of money she earns is proportional to how many hours she works.

a. If Rachelle earns $42 after babysitting 7 hours, how much does she earn per hour? How much should she earn if she babysits for 5 hours? Show how you found your answers.

b. Rachelle decided to raise her rate to $9 per hour. How much will Rachelle earn if she babysits 3 hours? How many hours would she need to work to earn $45?

Nov 09, 2020
by: FastVR

Of the 200 students that signed up for the field trip to the zoo, 160 of them were going to bring a sack lunch. What percent of the students who signed up for the field trip are bringing a sack lunch?

Nov 10, 2020
Math NEW
by: Anonymous

Hans needs to rent a moving truck. Suppose Company A charges a rate of $40 per day
and Company B charges $60 fee plus $20 per day. For what number of days is the cost
the same?

Nov 13, 2020
by: Anonymous

A pet boarder keeps a dog-to-cat ratio of 5:2 if the board room for 98 animals, then how many of them are dogs

A: 70

Nov 16, 2020
i don't know I'm 13 NEW
by: Anonymous

The product of a number and negative 3 increased by 16 is 31.

Nov 16, 2020
math NEW
by: Anonymous

 The track team is trying to reduce their time for a relay race. First, they reduce their time by 2.1 minutes. Then they are able to reduce that time by . If their final time is 3.96 minutes, what was their beginning time? Show or explain your reasoning.

Nov 17, 2020
hey NEW
by: Mia

hey im very exsited to use this I need help with math a lot

Nov 17, 2020
Please help me
by: Anonymous

A farmer has 4700 carrots to put bunches of 15 carrots. He plans to sell the carrots for $5 per bunch at his farm stand. About how many bunches will the farmer make?


Nov 17, 2020
Please help US NEW
by: Anonymous

help her were in the same class I don't know the former one either.

Nov 17, 2020
Hello NEW
by: Mrs. White

Hey you two I'm not very impressed because you just posted a question in our book you are going to do after school detention to do your homework from now on you don't cheat like that.

P.S. I really love this website so no offence to you it's just that they were doing an off-campus test I'm very sorry.

Nov 19, 2020
math NEW
by: Anonymous

Danny has 4 apples he gives mya 3 how many apples does he have if mya give him 7 of her own

Nov 25, 2020
Maths problem NEW

Mala finished reading 4 storybooks in a week. Each story book has equal pages. In the final book she finished reading 9/5 pages. The next day she read the remaining 96 pages and finished the book in its entirety. Count the pages of all the books she read?

Nov 30, 2020
The delivery charge and daily rate to lease a construction crane are listed below for two companies. NEW
by: Anonymous

High Top Cranes charges $744 for delivery and $3,290 per day.
Big Lift Equipment charges $1,428 for delivery and $3,214 per day.
• Write a variable expression for the total cost to lease a crane from High Top Cranes. Write a variable expression for the total cost to lease a crane from Big Lift Equipment. Define the variable.

• Builder’s Construction Company will lease a crane for 6 days. Calculate the total cost that High Top Cranes and Big Lift Equipment will each charge for this service. Show all your work.

• Write and solve an inequality that shows how many days it takes before the total cost at Big Lift Equipment is less than the total cost at High Top Cranes. Show all your work.

• If Builder’s Construction Company leases a crane for 11 days, which leasing company has a lower total cost? Provide an explanation or show all your work.

Dec 08, 2020
idk NEW
by: Anonymous

The formula for the volume of a cone is V= 13πr2h, where Vis the volume, ris the radius of the base, and his the height.

Dec 10, 2020
Please solve
by: Anonymous

Three consecutive numbers have a total of 24. Find those numbers. If these numbers are triangle side lengths, prove that the triangle is rectangular

Dec 12, 2020
help NEW
by: Anonymous

You are starting a business selling products A and B. The making of one product A requires 45 minutes of labor and its materials cost p18. The making of one product B requires 35 minutes of labor and its materials cost P14. You only intend to work no more than 40 hours every week. your financial resources can only pay no more than p700 for materials each week. the profit of product A is p30 and product B is p20. How many of each product should be produced every week to maximize profit? what is the maximum profit?

Jan 04, 2021
yoo work this out on a quick ting for me NEW
by: doubletapthatthotty

Carlos bought 515 Euros for his holiday to Germany. He spent £412 to obtain these Euros.

How many Euros would Carlos have obtained if he spent £500?

Jan 10, 2021
by: Mckena

Determine the area of the region bounded by y=8÷x,y=2x and x=4

Jan 21, 2021
Help NEW
by: Anonymous

Function f is defined by f(X) =mx +c, given f(2)=7 and f(4)=-1 find the value of m and c

Jan 22, 2021
Write an inequality mathematical sentence NEW
by: Anonymous

Twice a number decrease by 4 is greater than the product of 6 and the number

Jan 28, 2021
asap NEW
by: Anonymous

Determine the interest rate being used if Php105, 200 earns Php60,000 after 5 years

Jan 28, 2021
math NEW
by: Anonymous

After purchasing some packages of gum, Sergio has 48 sticks of gum. If gum comes in packages of 16 sticks each, what is n, the number of packages of gum Sergio purchased?

Feb 02, 2021
How to write a word sentence NEW
by: Anonymous

How to write a word sentence for math

Feb 08, 2021
by: Anonymous

the width of a mathematics books is x cm. if its length is 4cm longer than its width and its area is 32cm^2, calculate the perimeter.

Feb 16, 2021
Hate math NEW
by: Anonymous

A gift basket from Bath and Body Works includes 4 hand sanitizers and 1 foaming hand soap. Use h to represent the cost of each hand sanitizer and f to represent the cost of the foaming hand soap. Write a simplified expression that represents the total cost of 6 gift baskets.

Feb 18, 2021
Question NEW
by: Anonymous

In the pattern below, 1 square has 4 triangles, 2 squares have 6 triangles, and 3 squares have 8 triangles.

Feb 20, 2021
Maths problem NEW
by: Anonymous

From 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m of the next day, the temperature in kuching dropped by 4 degree celsius.The temperature then rose by 8 degree celsius at 11.00 a.m. and continued rising by 2 degree celsius three hours later. If the temperature in Kuching at 11.00 a.m was 30 degree celsius, calculate the temperature at 7.00 p.m of the first day and 2.00 p.m of the second day?

Feb 25, 2021
Linear function NEW
by: Anonymous

Danny is a gasoline boy at a certain gasoline station. He is paid php 35 per hour plus an additional php 150 per week. How much would be received for 48 hour work week? Answer and solutions:

Mar 02, 2021
snetences to mathematical NEW
by: Anonymous

the square root of a number is 17. find the number?

Mar 02, 2021
Word problem NEW
by: Anonymous

Five times a number, subtract from six, is triple the number

Mar 03, 2021
Pls answer this NEW
by: Anonymous

Assume that y varies inversely as x. When x = 7 and y = 90.
What is the value of y when x = 5?

Mar 10, 2021
by: Anonymous

Elsa ran for president of the chess club, and she received 56 votes. There were 70 members in the club. What percentage of the club members voted for Elsa?

Mar 14, 2021
hard NEW
by: Anonymous

Rewrite the expression 8×4−2×3+8÷2 with parentheses to make this statement true: 8×4×−2×3+8÷2 = 25.

Mar 28, 2021
Mathematics solve NEW
by: Anonymous

Encik Abdullah bought unit trust using his bonus of RM15600. He received a dividend of RM 350 twice during the period he held the unit trust. Calculate the return on investment for Encik Abdullah.

Mar 30, 2021
help NEW
by: Anonymous

Restaurants often slip takeout menus under Lucia's apartment door. So far, Lucia has collected 18 menus, including 4 for Italian food. What is the experimental probability that the next menu slipped under Lucia's door will be from an Italian restaurant?

Apr 02, 2021
kk NEW
by: Anonymous

Shane ran 3.5 miles yesterday. Today, he ran 3.1 miles. How far did Shane run all together?

Apr 07, 2021
Simpanan dan Pelaburan NEW
by: Anonymous

Harjit menyimpan sejumlah wang di sebuah bank yang menawarkan kadar faedah sebanyak 10% setahun dan pengkompaunan setiap tahun. Hitung nilai prinsipal Harjit jika jumlah faedah yang diterimanya ialah RM1357. 10

May 21, 2021
inverse matrix NEW
by: Anonymous

c)A group took a trip on a train, at RM2 per child and RM4.40 per adult for a total of RM125.50, they took the bus back at RM5.50 per adult and RM4.20 per child for total of RM148. How many children,and how many adults are on the trip. Solve the problem by using the method of inverse matrix

May 22, 2021
Math NEW
by: Anonymous

If y=kxz, find z when y=60, x=10, and k=3.

May 27, 2021
geomtry NEW
by: Anonymous

There are 18 projects that are entered into a science contest. In how many ways can a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner be chosen?

Aug 09, 2021
help me
by: Anonymous

The baseball team bought 15 pizza pies and 8 bottles of iced tea for their party at the end of the season and their bill came to $182.60. One pie and one bottle of iced tea only cost $13.20. Write a system of equations to determine how much one pie and one bottle of iced tea cost.

Sep 04, 2021
when will they meet? NEW
by: Anonymous

The first buses to X and Y leave a bus station at 7 am

Buses to X leave every 25 minutes.
Buses to Y leave every 20 minutes.

When will the buses to X and Y next leave at the same time?

Sep 10, 2021
Anonymous NEW
by: Anonymous

to make copies at an office supply they charge $15 for a set-up fee plus $0.10 per copy. How many copies can you get for $190?

Sep 26, 2021
by: Anonymous

If four percent of this number is 6.8, what is 100 percent of the number?

Oct 04, 2021
asdsds NEW
by: Anonymous

On March 15, 1961, Rizal Park discounted his own P20,000.00 note with his bank at 10% payable after 6 months. How much is the discount deducted by the bank? How much are the proceeds?

Oct 07, 2021
the question NEW
by: Anonymous

Steve ran for ( 7)/(8) hour and walked for ( 3)/(4) hour to practice for a race. How much longer did he run than walk

Oct 12, 2021
Math NEW
by: Anonymous

The average of four consecutive interfere is 19.5. Find the interfere.

Oct 17, 2021
Quadratic Equation NEW
by: Anonymous

The perimeter of a rectangle is 62 cm. The diagonal and width of the rectangle are 25 cm and x cm respectively.

Form a quadratic equation in terms of x based on the situation.

Nov 08, 2021
math NEW
by: Anonymous

Substitute y = 3 to equation 2x + 3y + 1 = 0, we get x = −5.

Nov 26, 2021
present value general annuity NEW
by: Anonymous

What is the present value of an annuity of ₱5,000 payable quarterly for 10 years if money is worth 5% compounded annually?

Jan 19, 2022
hi NEW
by: hi

birthdays are celebrated not only by people but also by cities and historic buildings. The construction of the former ancient Mayan city of Chichenitz, in the Mexican state of Yucatan, began around 400 AD. How many years will this city celebrate this year?

Feb 01, 2022
solve this problem please NEW
by: putriffah

A cup of hot chocolate is initially 70 C
and is left in a room with ambient temperature
25 C. 
When the hot chocolate is first placed in the room, it is cooling at a rate of 12 C
per minute. According to a chocolatier, the temperature for an enjoyable cup of hot
chocolate is 58 C. 
Use Newton’s Law of cooling given by   d

     to find the waiting
time (in minute) for the hot chocolate to cool off to 58 C. 
Give your answer correct to 3
significant figures.

Feb 04, 2022
Homework NEW
by: Anonymous

There are 23 pink beads and 33 purple beads on Eve's necklace. What is the ratio of the number of purple beads to the number of pink beads?

Feb 06, 2022
by: Anonymous

What is the mass of the ethyl alcohol and water that exactly fills a 200.0 m3 container. If the product has a 40% water solution. The densities are as follows at 20°C: Density of water 998 kg/m3 and Density of ethyl alcohol is 790kg/m3

Feb 07, 2022
help NEW
by: Anonymous

A coin toss is used to determine which team will receive the ball at the beginning of a football game. The Cougars always choose tails in the toss. What are the odds in favor of the Cougars losing the toss in exactly two of three games?

Apr 14, 2022
by: Anonymous

Tambang untuk satu penerbangan tambang murah boleh dikira dengan rumus
J = O(P + B + 2C)

J = Jumlah keseluruhan tambang
O = Jumlah penumpang
P = Tambang pergi
B = Tambang balik
C = Jumlah cukai lapangan terbang

Ros dan dua orang rakannya bercuti ke Pulau Pinang. Tiket tambang balik adalah kurang RM10.00 daripada tambang pergi ke Pulau Pinang dan cukai lapangan terbang adalah RM21.00 untuk setiap penerbangan setiap orang. Jumlah tambang keseluruhan adalah RM294.00. Berapakah kos tambang pergi setiap penumpang tersebut?

May 06, 2022
by: Anonymous

Ayden surveyed 220 of the students in his school about their favorite color. 45% said their favorite color was purple. How many students' favorite color was purple?

Aug 19, 2022
pdf NEW
by: Anonymous

Given the following information:

Initial reserve deposit P 3.000.000
Reserve ratio 10 percent

24. Using the fractional reserve banking system, how much can be loaned out to borrowers
who can invest and spend the money in the economy?

25. How much is the change in the total money supply if tha initial change in deposit is equal to
initial reserve deposit?

Sep 01, 2022
math NEW
by: Anonymous

elle has 2/5 of cards Fred has gary has twice of 2/5 Gary has 50 fewer cards then the total cards

Nov 24, 2022
need sagot NEW
by: Anonymous

Given an insurance company offers an investment that gives an interest rate of 4.5%. If you plan to invest P15000, how much interest will it earned after seven years if the interest rate is compounded semiannually?

Jan 01, 2023
math NEW
by: Anonymous

Jia Hui received an invoice dated 28th June 2022 with the amount of RM 6,500 including a transportation cost of RM 200. The trade discounts given were 11% and 9% and the cash discount terms were 5/5, 2/10, and n/15. Find
a) thesinglediscountratethatisequivalenttotheseriesoftradediscountsgiven. (2 marks)
b) thelastdatetoreceivea2%cashdiscount.
c) the amount to be paid if she made a payment on 1st July 2022.

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