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Maths - Derivative

by Pratibha Singh

The derivative of a function is the slope of that function.

If the function is not a linear function the value of the derivative is the linear approximation of the slope for a given input value. In this case the slope will change as the input value changes.

If f (x) = x, then f’ (5) =

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Aug 14, 2011
Finding the Derivative
by: Staff

The question:

by Pratibha Singh

If f (x) =x, then f’ (5) =

The answer:

f(x) =x

using the “power rule”:

f(x) = xⁿ

f’(x) = nxⁿ⁻¹


f(x) = x

f(x) = x¹

f’(x) = 1*x¹⁻¹

f’(x) = 1*x⁰

f’(x) = 1*1

f’(x) = 1

the slope of f(x) = x when x = 5

f’(5) = 1

the final answer: f’(5) = 1

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