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megawatts and kilo watts

by mms

Power Conversion

Mega means MILLION

1660 megawatts is equivalent to what?

Convert megawatts to kilowatts

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Aug 30, 2010
Power Conversion
by: Staff

Power Conversion

The question:

1660 megawatts is equivalent to what?

The answer:

Mega simply means MILLION

Kilo means THOUSAND

1660 megawatts means 1660 million watts

1660 million watts = 1,660,000,000 watts

To find out how many kilowatts this represents, just divide 1,660,000,000 watts by 1000

1,660,000,000 watts / 1000 watts per kilowatt = 1,660,000 kilowatts

Here is a free calculator which will convert units for you:


You probably already know this, but a watt is used to measure power (60 watt light bulbs, 1250 watt microwaves, etc.)

Power is the RATE at which work is completed (how much light is produced by a light bulb each second, how fast does the microwave cook your food, etc.)

To put it a different way, power is work completed divided by time: P = W/t.

(This is similar to the way speed is computed. Speed is the RATE of travel: the number of miles traveled divided by time)

Since P = W/t, then W = Pt (or power x time)

The W (work) is what you are charged on your electric bill, usually listed as KILOWATT-HOURS.

Thanks for writing.


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