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Rationalize the Numerator

Rationalize the numerator of the following expression.

Rationalizing the numerator is similar to rationalizing the denominator. In each case the expression is rewritten so that radicals are removed (from either the numerator or denominator).

sq. rt of 3x^5/6

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Apr 01, 2012
Rationalize the Numerator
by: Staff


sq. rt of 3x^5/6



= √(3*x⁽²⁺²⁺¹⁾)/6

= √(3*x²*x²*x)/6

= x²*√(3x)/6

= [x²*√(3x)/6]*[√(3x)/√(3x)]

= [x²*√(3x)* √(3x)]/[6*√(3x)]

= [x²*√(3x*3x)]/[6*√(3x)]

= [x²*√(3²*x²)]/[6*√(3x)]

= [x²*3*x]/[6*√(3x)]

= [3*x⁽²⁺¹⁾]/[6*√(3x)]

= [3*x³]/[2*3*√(3x)]

= [3/3] * [x³]/[2*√(3x)]

= [1] * [x³]/[2*√(3x)]

= x³/[2√(3x)]

>>> the final answer is: x³/[2√(3x)]

Thanks for writing.


May 12, 2013
Rationalizing Numerator
by: Anonymous

It wasn't very helpful. What about more complex radical expressions to rationalize the numerator?

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