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A set (P, Q, R, etc) is a collection of things (called elements of the set).

The list of elements is usually listed between a type of parentheses symbols called braces (curly brackets).

The number of elements is often identified as "n".

What do we mean by:


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Dec 19, 2010
by: Staff

The question:

What do we mean by:

The answer:

Your set notation did not display properly, so I’m not sure what you are asking.

However, you can retype your question using a comment submission for this page.

Here are some ways of typing symbols on your computer:

(Hold down the ALT key, type the code, then release the ALT key)

⊂, subset, 8834
⊃, superset, 8835
∈, element of a set, 8712
∩, intersection, 8745
∪, union, 8746
Ø, null set, 0216

Thanks for writing.


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