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Simplifiying Radical Expresssions

by Julia

Radicals and exponents are closely related.

What one does, the other reverses.

How do you simplify radical expressions?

How do you simplify radicals which are multiplied together?

How do you simplify an expression where one radical is divided by another?

How do you simplify a radical expression which contains a fraction under radical?

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Mar 28, 2012
Simplifying Radical Expressions
by: Staff


by Julia



Hi Julia,

Open the following link for some good examples of how to simplify radical expressions:

(1) If your browser is Firefox, click the following link to VIEW the solution; or if your browser is Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, or Safari (2A) highlight and copy the link, then (2B) paste the link into your browser Address bar & press enter:

Use the Backspace key to return to this page:


Thanks for writing.


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