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Solve by properties of exponents

A number or variable with an exponent should be viewed as two distinct parts: the base (the number or variable), and the exponent itself (which can be can also be a variable, an integer, or a fraction)

Simplify the following expression using the properties of exponents.


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Mar 16, 2012
Simplify Using Properties of Exponents
by: Staff




I assume the decimal in the problem statement stands for a multiplication sign.

= x¹y¹/4*2x²/y³

= (x¹y¹/4)*(2x²/y³)

= (x¹y¹)*(2x²)/(4*y³)

= (2)(x¹*x²)*(y¹)/(4*y³)

= (2/4)(x¹*x²)*(y¹/y³)

= (1/2)(x¹⁺²)*(y¹⁻³)

= (1/2)(x³)*(y⁻²)

= (1/2)(x³)/y²

= x³/(2y²)

Thanks for writing.


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