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Solving for variables

by Gold


h = at - .25vt^2

Solve for the variable "a" using algebra.

Different kinds of equations do require different techniques to solve them.

In this case, use "PEMDAS in reverse" to isolate the variable "a".

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Oct 29, 2011
Solving for Variables
by: Staff


by Gold

h=at-.25vt^2 Solve for a.


h = at - .25vt²

add .25vt² to each side of the equation

h + .25vt² = at - .25vt² + .25vt²

h + .25vt² = at + 0

h + .25vt² = at

divide each side of the equation by t

(h + .25vt²) / t = at / t

(h + .25vt²) / t = a * (t / t)

(h + .25vt²) / t = a * (1)

(h + .25vt²) / t = a

The final answer is:

a = (h + .25vt²) / t

There may be a mistake in the equation. I don’t remember seeing a physics problem involving height and acceleration which used an equation that looked quite like this.

Thanks for writing.


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