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square root of 21/49

by Bob

What is the square root of 21/49?

Compute the final answer:

- In simplest radical format

- In decimal format

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May 23, 2011
Simplifying Radical Expressions
by: Staff

The question:

by Bob

what is the square root of 21/49

The answer:


= sqrt(21)/sqrt(49)

= sqrt(21)/7

Since you want to simplify the radical expression, this is probably the answer you are looking for: sqrt(21/49) = sqrt(21)/7

However, if you want to compute a decimal answer:

sqrt(21)/7 = (4.58258)/7

= 0.654654

The final answer is: sqrt(21/49) = 0.654654

You could also approach the problem in a different way:


= sqrt((3*7)/(7*7))

= sqrt(3/7)

= sqrt(3)/sqrt(7)

= 1.73205/2.64575

= 0.654654

Thanks for writing.


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