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Square Root Symbol
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Shown and Explained

Math - Symbol for Square Root

Square Root Symbol . . .

Background - why symbols are used . . .

Symbols are used as a concise way of giving lengthy instructions

related to numbers and logic.

Math Symbols are a communication tool. Symbols are an invention which is used to eliminate the need to write long, plain language instructions to describe calculations and other processes.

The most valuable, most frequently used Symbols in
mathematics . . .

The most important, most frequently used Miscellaneous symbols are listed below.

Math - Symbol for Square Root Symbol for "Square Root" -

The symbols Square Root, Square Root, and Square Root are equivalent to and interchangeable with one another.

All three symbols mean exactly the same thing: the square root of the number represented by "X".

The square root of the number represented by X is another number which can be multiplied by itself to equal X.

Example 1: Square Root Square Root

Square Root of 256:

Square Root

The use of the plus-minus symbol is a short hand way of showing that the square root of 256 has two answers:

Square Root

(16)(16) = 256

(-16)(-16) = 256

Example 2: Cube Root Cube Root

Cube Root of 64:

Cube Root

Note: there is only one solution, a positive 4

(4)(4)(4) = 64

Example 3: Fourth Root Fourth Root

Fourth Root of 16:

Fourth Root

Note: there are two solutions

Fourth Root

(2)(2)(2)(2) = 16

(-2)(-2)(-2)(-2) = 16

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