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trigonometric differentiation

by akilesh

the derivative of a function is the slope of the function

find the derivative of:

4sinx - 3

the derivative of sinx is cosx

the derivative of a constant is 0

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May 18, 2010
trigonometric differentiation
by: Staff

trigonometric differentiation

The problem: find the derivative of


The solution

Original Problem

f(x) = 4sinx-3

The approach

Step 1 - Write out the problem as follows:

D(f(x)) = D(4sinx) - D(3)

Step 2 - The derivative of the constant 3 is 0

D(f(x)) = 4D(sinx) - 0

Step 3 - which leaves

D(f(x)) = 4D(sinx)

Step 4 - the derivative of sinx is cosx

D(f(x)) = 4 (cosx)

The final answer is 4cosx.

Thanks for writing.


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