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Truth Table: a→b, a∨~b

Truth Table

A truth table is a complete list of every possible combination truth values for a particular logic statement.


∧:     “and” symbol (logical conjunction), eg: a ∧ b, "a AND b": A conjunction (∧) is ONLY true when BOTH a and b are true

∨:     “or” symbol (logical disjunction), eg: a ∨ b, "a OR b" means either a is true, or b is true, or both

~:    “negation” (not) symbol, eg: ~b, "NOT b" means b is not true

→:     conditional "if-then", eg: a→b, "IF a THEN b" means a implies b

↔:     Biconditional "if and only if", e.g.: a↔b means a is equivalent to b

I need a truth table for this:

a→b ↔ a∨~b

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Feb 24, 2013
Truth Table
by: Staff


Truth Table: a→b ↔ a∨~b

Math – Truth Table: a→b ↔ a∨~b

Thanks for writing.


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