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by Elizabeth
(Los Angeles, Calif)

what is the union of C and D?
C. (5,9,15,20)
D. (9,15, 20)

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Nov 08, 2011
Union of Sets
by: Staff


what is the union of C and D?
C. (5,9,15,20)
D. (9,15, 20)


The Union of Set C with Set D is written: C ∪ D

The Union of these sets means the two sets are joined to form a new, larger set:

1) Every element contained in Set “C” and every element contained in Set “D” are contained in the new set.

2) If Set “C” and Set “D” have elements which are the same, those elements will be listed only once in the new set.

3) The elements in a set can be listed in any order.

Set “C” = {5,9,15,20}

Set “D” = {9,15, 20}

As you can see, all of the elements contained in Set “D” are already contained in Set “C”.

Set “D” is already a subset of Set “C”: D ⊂ C

However, the answer to the question you asked is:

C ∪ D = {5,9,15,20}

Thanks for writing.


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